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By combining art historical elements with contemporary figures, I attempt to create narrative paintings that function in a revisionist manner, commenting on contemporary culture. I have found that the ambiguity and sense of displacement arising from these juxtapostions can appeal to viewers in ways that I cannot have foreseen, and I find myself increasingly drawn to elements where the relationships are less clear. The non-verbal aspect of painting appeals to me, the idea of entering into an image without having words, at least initially, to explain what's going on.





 American Rudder

 Cancelled Rescue Mission

 Children's Secret

 Cloud Hospital









 Departure of the
Imaginary Friend

 Ethics Test


 The Gift of Knowledge












 The Gift of Time


 Hermit School

 Hero Complex














 Language Vaccine

 Late Call

 Late Crossing














 Mending Hall











 Rain Hospital

 Repair Department #2

 Rescue from the Academy

 Rescue from the Sublime









 Restoration Assignment

 Restoration Dilemma

 Revision Assignment #2

 Romantic Addiction #1









 September Diary

 Solace Office

 Story Factory

 Study for Authority Problem




 Wrong Turn #1